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Understanding Lameness: Examining Equine Lameness From Diagnosis To Prognosis 

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by Terry Swanson (Author), Heidi Nyland Melocco (Author)

It doesn’t matter if your No. 1 horse is a well-seasoned senior, a world champion or a promising prospect; when he’s lame, your horse program suffers. The time and money invested in your favorite horse can be substantial. The inevitable emotional investment also carries a high price tag, which makes keeping your horse sound a major priority.

In Understanding Lameness, veterinary professional Dr. Terry Swanson of Littleton (Colo.) Equine Medical Center guides you through the degrees of lameness and the effects of injury on your horse’s future health and serviceability. A past president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, Swanson uses the latest diagnostic techniques as key tools in managing lameness problems. Also a horseman, Swanson grasps the physical demands placed on equine athletes and the impact lameness can have from a rider’s and an owner’s perspectives.


From hoof abscesses, white-line disease and navicular syndrome to laminitis, ringbone and soft-tissue injuries, in Understanding Lameness you learn to recognize the symptoms of each problem, which diagnostic tools can be most beneficial and what types of treatments might best put your horse on the road to recovery. Swanson’s common-sense information is your best asset in keeping your horse sound, as well as for coping with a lameness diagnosis.


In the preface to Understanding Lameness, G. Marvin Beeman, DVM, writes that with Swanson’s insight “owners are more likely to detect problems earlier in their development, allowing for more satisfactory resolutions of those problems.”

The Equine Professional Manual - The Art of Teaching Riding

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Heidi Nyland Melocco (Photographer)

This 208 page manual is full of illustrations and photos that will help the professional riding instructor just starting out, as well as those that have been teaching for a long time. Learning styles, teaching styles, sample lessons plans and stretches for the rider are all included.  It is a comprehensive guide for all riding instructors.  A must have for any riding instructor's library.   

Goodnight's Guide to Great Trail Riding

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by Julie Goodnight and Heidi Nyland Melocco  

Known as the "Horse Master" on her RFD-TV show, Julie Goodnight will teach you the trail riding skills you need to know whether you're a nervous novice or an experienced rider looking to hone your skills.

In this compilation from the popular Trail Rider series, Goodnight takes you step-by-step through every essential part of preparing your horse for trail rides and how to handle what you encounter out on the trail, including:

  • Despooking

  • Jigging

  • Emergency stops

  • Hills

  • Water crossings

Paperback, 99 pages.

Book comes with a FREE DVD of a Horse Master episode on how to side pass!

Western Horseman Legends 6

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By Patricia Campbell, Sally Harrison, Frank Holmes, Glory Ann Kurtz, Cheryl Magoteaux, Heidi Nyland Melocco, Bev Pechan and Juli Thorson

Legends, Volume 6 profiles outstanding Quarter Horse stallions that have had a significant impact on the breed. These horses and their progeny have dominated several disciplines, including racing, halter, western pleasure, cutting, reining, working cow horse, and barrel racing. Their influence on the breed continues, especially through their exceptional sons and daughters. 

This volume, as the others, highlights each horse with a story on its life, a four-generation pedigree, a summary of his race and/or show record, and a sire record and many photographs--some of which have never been seen. 


Hitch Up & Go: Expert Guide to Horse Trailers & Safe Trailering

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Heidi Nyland Melocco, et. al (Authors)

Hitch Up & Go: Expert Guide to Horse Trailers & Safe Trailering is an indispensible resource for on-the-go equestrians. Published by AIM Equine Network and USRider®, this guide will help you safely arrive at your chosen destination with your equine friend, whether you haul your horse across town,across the country, or anywhere in between. Top experts - including Tom and Neva Kittrell Scheve, Rebecca Gimenez, PhD, Barb Crabbe, DVM, Katie McLaughlin Phalen, Julie Goodnight, and John Lyons - share their savvy advice on trailer buying, trailer training, on-the-road safety, and equine travel. Hitch Up & Go provides expert answers to these questions: Is your trailer the right size for your horse? How do you teach your horse to willingly load into your trailer? Which equine traveling papers do you need - and why? And much more!